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the mindful
money makeover
Just like our bodies, it’s pretty easy to fill your bank accounts with all sorts of junk food; unnecessary subscriptions
expensive retail therapy habitsa credit card addiction...
But if you want your money to stretch as far as it can, 
you HAVE to clear out all those TOXINS!
Clean up your finances.  
Up-LEVEL your money mindset.
Get your FINANCIAL life on track!
Take my 
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In this FREEBIE, we'll cover...
  • Where you received your financial education. Do you get all your money know-how from your frivolous friends? Probably not your best bet. 
  • How you stand financially RIGHT NOW. Knowing where your money’s coming from and where it’s going is the FIRST step in financial planning! 
  • How to rid your bank account of money toxins! Basically like cleaning out your closet to make room for clothes you really love! (i.e. important financial goals!) 
  • How to set killer goals. Ones that you can actually achieve (while still having a life) but strong enough to motivate you to save, save, SAVE!!
  • Systems to automate your savings & cash-flow. Learn how to automate as many of your financial decisions as possible so this final detox can STICK!
 Hello, hello! 
I’m Michelle Bobrow! 
 I'm a personal finance educator and founder of The Holistic Wallet. I’m here to help creative-minded folks (like you) turn their financial free-fall into financial FREEDOM!
The Mindful Money Makeover is a simple, easy to follow step by step guide to help you get a clear view of your finances, so you can set exciting goals and wipe your cash-flow clean of anything icky!
"'Icky' like what?"
Um, do you know what those bank fees and interest charges total up to?
After The Mindful Money Makeover...
You'll have WAY more cash to reach BIG savings goals and start your journey to becoming financially FREE!
Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have... 
... A strong grasp on how you spend your money, work towards your financial goalsand not have to obsess over every penny? 
 I’m going to answer for you: YES IT WOULD! 
Sign up now for your FREE copy of The Mindful Money Makeover and let’s pour green juice into that bank account! 
(You get what I mean...)
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Clean up your finances.  
Up-LEVEL your money mindset.
Get back on track!

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